Jason Mraz, US Airways Center, 10/2/12 (VIDEO)

Jason Mraz @US Airways Center|10/2/12

Whoever was high at the Jason Mraz concert last night most likely had a blast. There were bright and swirling colors, extensive jam sessions, and captivating backgrounds that shifted from scenes of clouds in the sky to images of the universe rotating around -- not to mention lots of free love speech. It felt like everyone in the show was in it together, with group high fives, singalongs, and choreography orchestrated by Mraz throughout that aimed to get the crowd to forget their problems, no matter what was going on.

Indeed, the vibe was positive and powerful, with a focus Mraz's vocals and on the talented nine-member band that included a horn section, upright bassist, percussionist and violinist. Usually, musicians wait until the end of the show to introduce their band members, but Mraz showed off his group during the second song of the show, which was refreshing -- they were an integral part from the very beginning.

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Nicki Escudero
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