Jay-Z, Jack White Record New Song Together

Jay-Z and Jack White have collaborated on a new song.

Can this week get any better? I submit that it cannot!

While the two had publicly discussed a desire to work with one another, no specifics had ever been announced. White recently broke the news to GQ about the project, but the duo have yet to announce when the song is coming out, and on whose record.

"I just did a record with Jay-Z. We did a song together a few weeks ago. It was incredible. I played him something that I've been kicking around for a while and he immediately came out with words for it. It's unbelievable-sounding," he said.

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While Jay-Z has worked on rock albums before, the closest White has gotten to hip hop was his collaboration with Alicia Keys on the 2008 James Bond theme, Another Way to Die.

If this doesn't officially cement White's place as one of the coolest, most innovative artists of our time, then I don't know what will. He rocked the aughts, and now he's rolling the tens.

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