Jay-Z Puts Beyonce on Blast in Usher's "Hot Tottie"

Seriously, it's a great thing Usher isn't married any more. If he was, maybe it would be more difficult for him to sing songs about threesomes and boobies. But luckily, for listeners everywhere, we get to hear Ursh sex it up on the airwaves, and boy, is it attractive.


In his latest single, "Hot Tottie," Usher dares a girl to keep him faithful, because, after all, he's "got a lot of girls, got a lot of flava." That's right--if you want Usher to like you, it's not enough to be yourself, however nice or caring you may be. He wants "bad bitches" to show him just how tough they are. Knowing Usher, that probably translates to showing off lots of skin and getting nasty on the dance floor.

And, surprise, surprise: if you have a boyfriend, it don't matter. 'We freaking, it ain't cheating, as long as we tell nobody." Um, really, Usher? Because a lot of people with significant others would disagree with that definition of cheating, but maybe because he's an R&B star, he thinks he can rewrite the rules.

You'd think that maybe someone like Jay-Z could class up the track a little, considering he's married to a pretty refined lady, Beyonce. He may have sung about "Big Pimpin'" in the past, but surely his rap on the track would be a little more mature now, right?

No, not even B can bring Jay's ego back down to earth.

"I was born a god, I made myself a king, which means I downgraded to a human being. You was born a goddess, I made you my queen." Jay is taking all the credit here for Beyonce's queendom, which, to this mere listener, is a total turn-off.

Then he compares her body to alcohol and claims Beyonce told Jay he was hung. Who knows if it's true, but regardless, he wasn't hesitant to put a bedroom convo on blast for millions of listeners.

"Hot Toddy" shows off a down-and-dirty tag team with a player on one side and a looselipped bragger on the other. It's clear they don't respect the women they're with, but alas, many will sadly still flock to these guys.

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