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Jed's a Millionaire

Though the name Jed's a Millionaire may conjure images of rich hicks who struck black gold, the five-piece band from Tempe is known for its softer side. Lead singer R. Shawn Harrington compares the songwriting process to sex: "It's like, each time you make love, you give a little of yourself away — part of yourself that you may never get back again. Songwriting is like that. You get in touch with something deep inside, but at the same time, you give it away. That's just the cost of it." (C'mon, if that doesn't get the pubescent girls swooning, what will?) Labeling themselves "indie rock with soul," they have a lighthearted sound with strong, yet airy vocals. Bassist Dan Mueller says, "It's hard to sell emotions — particularly in this town," but the boys have gotten pretty good at it. Though their lyrics might be a little on the sappy side for some, their intent is genuine, and unashamed — which explains how they've gained such a strong following.
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Sarah Ventre