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Jelts and Idolize

In addition to boasting the slickest use of samples and instrumentation this side of a Moby/Diddy collaboration, Tomorrow's Last Try also contains the most hardcore local hip-hop song ever recorded, in the form of track nine, "Zombie Jesus." The song opens with some psychotic Latino threatening to fuck another guy in the ass or stick a gun up his bum and pull the trigger, then launches into an eerie, pulsing rap that contains line after shocking line, from "With cameras that are emotions and lenses for the shot/To see a country with the president's bush stuffed with the cock" to "Black crunk fuck cruisenecks who just spit white flow/They all blow like $10 B.J.'s/Or muscle heads who grow their hair long just to get the sides faded." The song ends with the crazy Latino enthusiastically promising that he'll fuck us in the ass next Wednesday.

While some listeners might be inclined to crucify "Zombie Jesus," they should try the whole album first, because Jelts and Idolize — both members of local hip-hop outfit Wildlife Crew — have created an awesome album where every song sounds distinct, but which also maintains a congruent vibe. Even though the duo pulls instrumentation from genres as varied as jazz ("Illiterate Times") and flamenco ("Nose Disease") to old-school soul ("It's All Over") and New Age ("Mother Sun"), its socially conscious rhymes and shit-disturbing spits give Tomorrow's Last Try a stone cold flow that not even the Crunk Hits collection could capture. With such breadth of musical influence and fearless lyrical content, Jelts and Idolize are peddling some truly dope shit. We're already hooked.

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