Jenny, He's Still Got Your Number

Jenny, He's Still Got Your Number

I'd be willing to bet exorbitant sums that most of you readers weren't aware that California-based power poppers best known for the eternal torment of anyone cursed with the digits 867-530-NI-EE-I-INE, Tommy Tutone, still gig around. Don't let their web site tour section, which hasn't listed a show since late June, fool you, they totally still play out.

The gents, playing as a duo, are making a pit-stop, perhaps in search of more bathroom wall dial-ups to inspire another numerically-based hit, at Arizona's own Cave Creek Coffee Company on October 2.

This means for $20 to $22, ticket pre-show or the day of, respectively, you, one who has presumably heard this song on the radio countless times and hummed it to the chagrin of not only your co-workers, but also yourself, can bear witness to a live performance that has a damn good chance of including "867-5309/Jenny."

To be fair, and maybe even a little balanced, it should be noted that Tommy Tutone is not technically a one-hit wonder. Their second Billboard climber was "Angel Say No." Catch a video for it after the jump.


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