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Jenny's Number for Sale on eBay

"Jenny, I've got your number/I need to make you mine/Jenny, don't change your number/867-5309..."

Tommy Tutone's 1982 hit"867-5309/Jenny" is one of that decade's most popular songs. And the phone number that Tutone sings about still receives thousands of calls from people wondering if "Jenny" will answer. The number in various states initially received so many calls that hardly any 867-5309 numbers still exist.

But there's one in New Jersey, and it can be yours for around $40,000 on eBay.

Spencer Potter is selling the number 201-867-5309. He formerly used the number for his now-defunct DJ business, and says he received 8,100-10,000 calls per year from people asking for "Jenny." The number is registered with Vonage, and Spencer says he'll pay the postage to send the modem to the winning bidder.

As of this writing, Potter's auction has received 34 bids, with the current winning bid at $1,525.00. Potter hopes to get 40 grand for the number by the time the auction ends on February 8.

But he's got some competition. There's another 867-5309 number for sale on eBay, this one with a 970 area code. It's received 6 bids so far, with the current winning bid at $177.50. That auction ends February 13.


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