Jeromeatherapy: 12 Local Bands, One Silly Name

This Saturday marks the return of what has to be Jerome, Arizona's biggest music festival: Jeromeatherapy. The one day music festival features 12 local bands -- headed by What Laura Says, Black Carl and Dry River Yacht Club -- all playing in an old gold mine. Jeromeatherapy celebrates what makes the quirky little ghost town so unique while offering those Northern-ish Arizona residents (yes, you, Flag) a pretty decent lineup of local music. Jeromeatherapy's best selling point, in my opnion, is the fact that's free and offers a great camping experience for those fans of both inexpensive live music and sleeping outdoors.

Jeromeatherapy is describe, as per the event's myspace page, as:

Taking place right in the little miner's town of Jerome, Arizona, Jeromeatherapy has become an annual celebration of music, life, good friends, and Jerome! It's a weekend filled with many of Arizona's own local musicians and bands - everything from rock n' roll, blues, indie, and country alt-rock.

It's pretty straightforward, and I don't blame them: it's a free all-day local music festival in Jerome, Arizona. It's also a great chance to get the hell out of the 'Nix and enjoy weather that should be in the low 70s. So round up your friends and drive on up to Jerome and help support local commerce with all the beer you plan on buying and then drinking.

Full Lineup for Jeromeatheraphy on Saturday, June 6:

  2:00 - Bye Heart
  3:00 - Yellow Minute
  4:00 - Dudley
  5:00 - Los Guys
  6:00 - Gunzawless (get it? "Gonzalez")
  7:00 - Greyhound Soul
  8:00 - Truckers on Speed
  9:00 - Black Carl
10:00 - What Laura Says
11:00 - Strange Young Things
12:00 - Dry River Yacht Club
  1:00 - Sugar Thieves

As you can see, the action gets underway ay 2:00 PM sharp. Jeromeatherapy will be at the Gold King Mine, located at 166 Main St. in Jerome.

For more information on Jeromeatherapy, head to the event's myspace page at

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Michael Lopez