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Jerry Riopelle

How do you want to spend your New Year's "Rockin'" Eve? At home, sitting on the couch watching Ryan Seacrest struggle to host another bloated celebration from Times Square, biding your time until the ball drops? Sure, that telecast will feature some more popular artists performing their hits, but those performances are so fake, some of them filmed months in advance. Why not make your way to the Celebrity Theatre to see beloved native son Jerry Riopelle play yet another one of his epic New Year's Eve bashes? The weathered troubadour started his New Year's Eve tradition while opening for New Orleans piano wizard Dr. John at the Celebrity way back in 1974. Since then, he has accumulated a massive following throughout the Southwest, finding his biggest legion of fans in the Valley. His dedication to his music, as well as his fans, has kept Riopelle busy through all these years, churning out his unique rock, rhythm and blues and country stylings. So let Jerry Riopelle host your New Year's Eve this year. He'd be more than happy to have you, and he knows a thing or two about entertaining a jubilant New Year's Eve crowd — more than Seacrest, anyway.
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Michael Lopez