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Jet Life Tour in Tempe Last Night

Jet Life Tour

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jet Life
smoking weed and rapping about it.

when a bunch of dudes bounce their open palms harmoniously with some rappers on stage rapping about smoking the ganja.

The Jets need to take off. Last night's show at the Clubhouse in Tempe was mediocre. I wish I had something more interesting to offer other than goofy- ass definitions to make this article interesting. The truth is, there's nothing I can write today that I haven't already said in December. Jet Life is permanently perched at a cruising altitude of mediocrity. 

Jet Life
The act of swooping from the sky to smash a a concert goer's smoke-sesh.

Just like his last time at the Clubhouse, Curren$y began the show with the same empty promise: "Anyone smoking reggie, I'll kick out my self."

He didn't. I saw a few kids get kicked out for smoking reggie. Security politely guided them all out the door. I even saw one guard walk atop the bar and pounce on an unsuspecting smoker.

Jet Life
A totally relevant and legitimate model in today's rap music landscape.

Seriously though, Wednesday's performance was completely average. I respect what Curren$y has built for himself on the internet. He raps well. Releases said raps on commercial music blogs. Makes music videos. His flat crew raps. Releases said raps on the same commercial blogs. They make more music videos. They all shout "Jet Life" on tour. They get paid. Repeat.

But what gives? Curren$y releases quality albums and mix tapes. Still, it takes more than good albums and marketing game to sustain a relevant rap career.

Jet Life
déjá vu

That said,  I must acknowledge that there was a core of loyal Jets fans in the house. They sang along to most songs and they appeared captive most of the night. If they read the New Times, they will undoubtedly blow my email up with passionate messages about what an asshole I am. But before they do that I have to ask "why?"

Curren$y recited virtually the same set list he did in December. He brought the same Jet Life openers, and it just wasn't that energetic or exciting. It was average. Bring more next time than a smoking-joint-DJ-stand.

Critic's Notebook

Last Night: Curren$y and the Jet Life Tour at the Clubhouse in Tempe.

Personal bias: I like artists to switch shit up between tours.

The crowd: Hip-hop heads, Jets.

Overheard: "The Jets need to grow up."

Random notebook dump: What that guy said!

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