Jimmy Eat World Is on Twitter

Hey, Tweeps! One of Arizona's finest, Jimmy Eat World, is on Twitter. The band is joining the ranks of popular local groups such as The Loveblisters, Miniature Tigers, and The Maine who use the social-networking site to Tweet about band news, share fun anecdotes, and photos in 140 characters or fewer. And the band already has 2,552 followers.
Some of their latest tweets:

Today: Happy Birthday to Ricky Burch! 34! The eldest member of the band.

Earlier today: Sorry for everyone who is ticketless. We'll be back, we swear. But if you don't have tix, we can't help you.

2:03 p.m. Tuesday: Check out our new tour page: http://tour.jimmyeatworld.com you can tweet about our upcoming tour dates.

The band's second tweet is referring to their sold-out show at Tempe's Marquee Theatre on Saturday, March 7 for the Clarity x 10 Tour. We recommend adding them to your Twitter so you can stay posted on all things Jimmy.

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Kelly Wilson