Jimmy Eat World's Marquee Show From Clarity Tour to See Official Release

The finale of Jimmy Eat World's Clarity x 10 tour at the Marquee will see digital release next week. Distributed through jimmyeatworld.com, the release will feature the front-to-back live performance of the wildly influential 1999 album Clarity along with two bonus tracks ("What I Would Say To You Now," "No Sensitivity") recorded during the encore and a digital booklet featuring photos from the tour.

Pretty cool, especially given what a great show that was (review here). I think it's fair to say Mesa's Jimmy Eat World is on a bit of a hot streak right now. The Clarity tour was sold out coast-to-coast and they've been kicking people's asses in Twitter wars (follow them here, or me here).

Also, J.E.W. will celebrate the April 7 release of Clarity Live with an encore performance streamed live from jimmyeatworld.com from Unit 2 in Tempe. Tune in for that.

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