Joe Sib Brings His Spoken-Word Punk Rock Manifesto to Trunk Space

Remember when Henry Rollins was the best punk rock apologist ever? His spoken word shows were funny, intimate, and inspiring. His stories and jokes were still new to you. That was a great era, indeed, but now he's a sickly-looking old hypocrite with terrible tattoos.

So now there's a new guy doing that sorta thing, and he's pretty fun to watch. Joe Sib doesn't quite have the musical resume of Mr. Rollins (he fronted a band called Wax, not Black-fucking-Flag) but his California Calling show comes to Trunk Space on November 4.

Sib is the co-founder of SideOneDummy Records and does a 70-minute set that takes the audience from his front-row-of-the-show punk geekery through the formation of his band and, later, label. He's one of those guys you just like to listen to, even if skateboarding in an empty swimming pool isn't your thing.

The show, which he's bringing here as a stopover on his way to Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, has gotten great reviews.

"Joe Sib's humility, honesty and complete and total hardcore, wear-it-on-his-sleeve love for punk rock and skate culture is what makes California Calling so sincere and eminently relatable," says Heidi Cuda of Los Angeles Times.

Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door and available here.

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