John Mayer May Be Hot, But His Stage Faces Are Just Plain Douchey

There are way too many reasons to count why John Mayer is sort of a douchebag -- a gorgeous douchebag, but a douchebag, nonetheless. Whether he's making racist remarks, sharing way too much of himself on Twitter or going through Hollywood starlets like they're yesterday's trash, Mayer always manages to find a way to make himself look like a jerk, no matter how wonderful his guitar-playing skills may be.

He even comes across as douchey on-stage, making some of the most cringe-inducing faces while playing. Some are orgasmic, some make him look like he really needs to go to the bathroom, and most make him look like he's just trying way too hard to come across as someone you need to take seriously. In honor of his show Wednesday night at Cricket Wireless Pavilion, let's take a look back at some of Mayer's ugliest performance faces ever.

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