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Johnette Napolitano

Hey, Joey, baby, it's me — Johnette. I know I haven't called in a really long time, but I wanted you to know that in case you never heard that one song, I'm still not angry anymore. In fact, I've been feeling pretty content lately (at least that's what my MySpace mood indicator says). The whole Concrete Blonde thing is pretty much over and done with, but I'm not going to cry 'til I'm dry about it. I'm too busy either hanging at my cabin out in Joshua Tree, California, making funky artwork, or jetting off to Spain to study flamenco dancing or to the U.K. to work on my new "twisted electro-acoustic" project, Catfish Scar. I've even finally got up the gumption to hit the road and do the whole solo thing, where my vocals and lyrics are just as angsty and haunted as they were back in the old days. Anyways, I hope you're doing well fighting your secret war and not somewhere drunk and passed out on the floor anymore. Take care.
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