JoJo Flores at Sail Inn

The bohemian vibe is always present at the Sail Inn in Tempe, but the producers of this Friday's Buhay party aim to amp it up even higher. Buhay (pronounced "boo-HIGH," it's Tagalog for "life") is bringing Montreal producer and DJ JoJo Flores to town to add his soulful house grooves to the mix. The founder of Therapy, a long-running deep house garage night in Montreal, Flores was voted "Best International DJ" for 2003 on NYC Web site Undaground Archives, and is itching for a repeat this year. In between touring, Flores also runs his own label, Gotsoul Recordings. Buhay goes off on Friday, June 18, at Sail Inn, located at the northwest corner of First Street and Farmer in Tempe; admission is $5.

Decadence of Pleasure at Martini Ranch

On Wednesday, June 23, Martini Ranch plays host to Camel's Decadence of Pleasure tour stop, a burlesque-themed party featuring the Atomic Bombshells Burlesque troupe as well as national DJ acts Scooter & Lavelle and DJ Charles Feelgood.

Left Coasters Scooter & Lavelle bring one of the most unique blends of dance music you can shake your ass to, with Lavelle spinning trance and NRG mixes while Scooter drops hip-hop loops and scratch shenanigans on his own set of tables. Along for the tour, heavily tattooed Baltimore veteran Charles Feelgood will be rocking disco and funk-inflected house music meant to emulate his surname. The party starts at 9 p.m. at Martini Ranch, 7295 East Stetson Drive in Scottsdale. Cover is a mere $5, thanks to Camel dropping its own $30,000 on production costs.

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