Jonathan Sakas Debuts "I Just Wanna Rock" Video

​This week's issue of Phoenix New Times, on news stands now, features a profile on local electro pop artist Jonathan Sakas. Sakas has a show tomorrow, May 26, at Clubhouse Music Venue, and you can get a sneak peek of what to expect from his performance by checking out his brand-new video, "I Just Wanna Rock." 

The clip was directed by local filmmaker Devin Berko and was shot around town in places such as the Icehouse. Check it out after the jump, and read more about what inspired Sakas to write the track.

Sakas says: "The things that inspired 'I Just Wanna Rock' were the same things that inspire me to do anything. I want people to know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I was pretty weird and didn't fit in at all when I was younger, so I had a difficult journey to learn self-esteem and confidence. I still have bad days. But I'm only doing my job correctly if I lead by example and show others that they can come out on top if they fight hard for what they believe in. Hopefully, I can be that beacon of hope for anyone in need. Being true to yourself is the most liberating, rewarding, and powerful thing. If you work hard enough, the whole world can be yours. I've totally succeeded if I've helped just one person, but I'm always going to feel the need to help just one more. My fans are the best. They support me, and I support them."

I Just Wanna Rock

You're always talking but you don't say much 
You always want more every time we touch
You never give me any personal space
You always need something, always in my face

I break up with you like 10 times a week
It's nails on a chalkboard whenever you speak
There's nothing to say now, I won't change my mind
It's lust and it's stupid, it's wasting my time

I don't wanna know, just say it isn't so

Stop stop I don't wanna talk talk
So please don't turn me off off
I just wanna rock

You're always lying right through your teeth
But we both know what lies beneath
You always get mad when we talk on the phone
I wish that you would just leave me alone
At first it was fun, it was just something new
But now it's just torture and I'm turning blue

I gotta bad bad feeling
I gotta bad bad feeling tonight
Tonight I wanna learn about biology
Tonight I wanna learn your trigonometry
Tonight I wanna learn what we're made of

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.