Jonathan Sakas Explains "Move" (VIDEO)

For being an independent artist based in the Valley, electro pop musician Jonathan Sakas has built up one of the most professional-looking video repertoires of his peers. Every clip looks MTV-worthy, and the newest ones for his tracks, "Move" and "Home" are no exceptions.

Plus, he always seems to have really hot ladies cameo in the vids, so watching them makes them that much easier on the eyes. Don't call Sakas a man-whore, though: the hotties with the bodies just fit into the theme of his latest album, Tomorrow.

"The whole album is about the intricacies of relationships," Sakas says. "I tried to use the metaphor of romantic relationships to explain my relationships with substance abuse, destructive decisions and my pursuit of musical success. Even if you're going through a rough patch, you can still sweat out all the troubles of the week to a badass dance song. 'Tomorrow' is always a day away. I've been bullied, fired, dumped, kicked out of bands, lied to, cheated on, a loser, taken advantage of, broke and beat up -- but I'm alive. And now I'm doing better than ever."

You can check out the clips for his latest videos, along with lyrics for "Move," after the jump. See Sakas live tonight, September 2, at his birthday show at Revolver Records in downtown Phoenix at 8:30 p.m. For more information, go here.

Sakas says, "My new album, Tomorrow, is a collection of dance songs about sex and sadness, and this track, 'Move,' is no exception. It's a feel-good song about feel-bad things. I enjoy the contrast of upbeat electronic dance pop music against the angst and complexity of difficult subject matter like isolation, substance abuse, relational conflict, depression and self-doubt. I'm hoping to serve and help people by showing them an example of someone who has gone through tough times and still able to have a good time in the presence of adversity."

Move lyrics

I'm throwing a dart in the dark, I want a good clean fight when I'm ready to start
But then I get inside the ring, but then I get inside the ring
I hear the bell when it goes boom, I'm looking right at you straight across the room
When everybody else doesn't want to share, when everybody else doesn't seem to care
I'm gonna make you move

I'm tired of being alone, I've got a nice big bed waiting at home
And all you've gotta do is leave, and all you've gotta do is leave
With me I'm at the back of the bar, stirring a drink with the keys to the car
When everybody else doesn't want to share, when everybody else doesn't seem to care
I'm gonna make you move

Ugh ugh baby baby go a little lower
Ugh ugh baby baby please give me some more
I'm gonna make you move

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