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Joy Electric

The sounds produced by Joy Electric range from kitschy, '70s-style synth beats to video game-worthy blips — but with rigid song structures. The production on the band's albums is extraordinary, marking a high point for experimental electronic music. The vocals on each track are sincere, with hints of boyish imagination and whimsy. The concepts behind Joy Electric's albums are inventive, incorporating five such works into one single "legacy" series. The remarkable part? The band is merely one man, Ronnie Martin. The mastermind devises, composes, and produces all of his music, a remarkable feat given the inventive nature behind his musical tendencies. Not one afraid to embrace his religion, Martin has released a Christian synth-pop album, 1999's CHRISTIANsongs. He's kept it secular since then, but the effect of that oddly titled album still dots his musical landscape, earning him the label of "Christian pop." One thing is certain about Joy Electric: the music is unlike most conventional electronic music, buoyed by Martin's light, airy vocals. Given it all, Martin's one-man shows are sure to be a sight to behold.
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Michael Lopez