Joyce Manor - Yucca Tap Room - 5/27/2013

"Just sit back and watch," my friend tells me. "It's hilarious."

What he's referring to is the kind of collective hysteria that typically erupts among crowds of 16- to 19-year-olds at Joyce Manor shows. I had never seen the band live before Monday night, but I was told it was something akin to Beatlemania, with people crowding up against the band to an awkward and uncomfortable degree.

I am too young to have witnessed Beatlemania, so I can't completely say it was like that, but my friend was right in that it was hilarious. Watching from a comfortable vantage point between the pinball and ATM machine at Yucca, I witnessed something that reminded me of both boy-band fandom and a hardcore show. Stage dives and vaguely stalker vibes from a lot of people involved.

One of my favorite overlaps between this and hardcore was a kind of unspoken audience participation faux pas. As in hardcore, audience members coming on stage, yelling some lyrics with the singer, and then diving off stage is acceptable decorum. However: There are some people who totally don't do the last part.

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Mike Bogumill
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