Judd Makes Its Songs Up on the Spot

When most bands perform, they've had plenty of time to rehearse their set and get it down perfectly before getting on-stage. For the members of Judd, they won't have any idea what lyrics or melody they're singing until their show, and that's how they like it.

The musical improv troupe takes a single random audience suggestion and produces a never-before-seen musical performance with on-the-spot guitar melodies and lyrics based on the idea, weaving musical vignettes together just like something you'd see on Broadway.

Don't get the troupe wrong--they do practice, but the talented fivesome consisting of close-to-pitch-perfect singers focuses more on perfecting their harmonies, breaking patterns and staying in sync rather than on memorizing anything.

Judd August 17th, 2012 from The Torch Theatre on Vimeo.

This weekend's show at The Torch Theatre marks the last one for member Xchel Hernandez-Zendejas, the guitarist and sole male of the group who helped found the troupe in 2010. Expect the performance to be a passionate one.

"People should expect to see a solid show that will happen for the first time in front of their eyes and that will never happen again," Hernandez-Zendejas says.

"This is some of the greatest improv I've ever been a part of."

Judd is scheduled to perform at The Torch Theatre on Friday, September 21.

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