Junior Boys: It's All True

However, may I direct your attention towards Canadian electronic pop duo Junior Boys? Their latest album, It's All True, is set to be released next Tuesday. A solid follow-up to 2009's rather excellent Begone Dull Care, It's All True finds Junior Boys producing yet more electronic pop-driven music, complete with Jeremy Greenspan's cherubic, transcendent vocals -- undoubtedly the duo's driving force.

For those interested, The Hype Machine is doing us all a solid and streaming It's All True. Listen to the album in it's entirety after the jump:

The lead single from It's All True, "ep," has been out for almost three months now. It is the one track that sounds like it could have been on Begone Dull Care. Greenspan's sincere, earnest vocals are what makes the song, especially when he pines, "I love you so bad and I wanna repeat it / I love you so bad and I wanna repeat it / I love you too bad 'cause I'm gonna repeat it," it's hard not take him seriously. The duo's rather honest vocals are just one of the many endearing aspects of Junior Boys. 

Album opener "Itchy Fingers," as well as standouts "You'll Improve Me" and "Banana Ripple," help round out the album, solidifying yet another light, airy -- yet often times funky and danceable -- offering from Junior Boys.

It's All True is out 6/14 via Domino.

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