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Justin Bieber Evokes Michael Jackson in New Music Video

Where we're going, we don't need roads; just a synthesizer, eyeliner, and a touch of androgyny. Welcome to Flashback Friday.

The network formerly known as Music Television celebrated its 31st birthday on Wednesday, August 1.

Coincidentally, teen heartthrob Justin Bieber unveiled a new music video on the same day. The clip for "As Long As You Love Me," recalls some of the cinematic magic his pop predecessor Michael Jackson used to use in his videos before MTV's now infamous reality rebrand.

While the station may be a whorehouse of reality shows today, it's kind of nice to see some of the luster from those old mini-movies. . . even if it is the Biebs who's doing it.

The new video features a bruised, battered, and meager Bieber standing up to a towering Michael Madsen who plays his girlfriend's unimpressed dad. The premise is set in a near two-minute introduction. During a confrontation between the two, Madsen says to Bieber: "...someday I have to let her go, and when I do she needs to be with a man, not a boy."

And when the the guy that buried Uma Thurman alive tells you that shit, you should probably listen.

When the song finally kicks in we're treated to some fancy footwork and a parking garage choreographed dance scene as seen in the music video to Jackson's hit, "Bad." The 1987 track is celebrating its 25th anniversary later this year with a commemorative release called, Bad 25.

"MJ told stories with his videos. I wanted to tell a story. Feel like a movie," Bieber says on his Twitter page.

Although Bieber's almost six-minute turn doesn't come close to the 18-minutes of the full version of "Bad," it's still a cool little video in today's age of two-minute attention spans.

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