Justin Bieber Turns Usher into a Good Guy on "Somebody to Love"

Leave it to Justin Bieber to make a gentleman out of Usher.

Usher, a player notorious for demanding threesomes and using big boobies as criteria for hooking up, actually sounds sweet on the track featuring him and The Biebs, "Somebody to Love," which is all about commitment and showing a special girl lots of affection. It's downright refreshing to hear one of Usher's recent tracks talk so nicely about ladies, and if a 16-year-old is the key to him doing that, then so be it.

"Everyday I'd bring sun around," Usher sings. "I'll sweep away the clouds, smile for me...I'd give you the world." How generous of a man who, in "Lil' Freak," only asked girls to grab other girls so that they could have a "minajay," aka, a threesome.

And Bieber, being the generous little teenager he is, offers to write the object of his affection a symphony and run a thousand miles to get to where she is. Seriously, how many guys do you know who would do that these days? Not many. And people wonder why Bieber's such a phenom.

And while Usher may not be perfect, at least he had the good sense to sign Bieber to his Raymond Braun Media Group, which scored Bieber a deal with Island Records. Here's hoping Ursh can add some more sweet singing, good-hearted artists with sincere, respectful messages to women to his roster.

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