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Justin Timberlake: Phoenix Tickets Are on Sale Today, Can Get Extremely Expensive

Justin Timberlake is coming to Phoenix in December, and because he's Justin Timberlake that means tickets are on sale today at 10 a.m. Also because he's Justin Timberlake: The tickets, at least during limited presages, ranged in price from $62.50 to $1,950.

That $62.50 ticket will get you high enough up the steps at US Airways Center that you'll be able to pretend the rest of *NSYNC is there with him. The $1,950 ticket will get you "a table for two in the 20/20 VIP Bar & Lounge" and some other perks (detailed herein) that unfortunately do not include, say, Justin Timberlake recording "Take it to the bri-i-i-dge!" onto your outgoing voicemail message.

All the information you could possibly need to either buy Justin Timberlake tickets or sneer at those who do, after the jump.

Reasonably important person tickets started at a little over $60, after fees, during the presale. That will get you as far from the stage as you can be while remaining indoors. The next step up was $104.50, which could get you down out of the upper deck. $191.25 was the top presale price, for seats as close as you can get without being on the floor. Official Platinum Seats, which are a real thing, will get you on the floor for $375.

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But let's be honest, you and I: You're not a reasonably important person. You're a Very Important Person, which means your 20/20 Experience seat starts at $350. For that much you can get "within the first 20 rows of the stage" and take home a swag kit including a "specially designed Justin Timberlake concert t-shirt," a limited-edition lithograph, and, perhaps most importantly, "crowd-free merchandise shopping." $595 gets you all that plus a closer seat, a parking pass, and a pre-show reception complete with a beer and wine bar.

But $1,950 gets you two tickets, a table for two at the "20/20 VIP Bar & Lounge," and the ability to continue drinking at the bar after all the not-quite-as-very-important plebs have left for their seats.

These are your options. Choose wisely. (Incidentally: It's probably too late for this now, but if you're looking at that $2,000 VIP package I'd like you to keep in mind that you could also buy 30-or-so of the upper deck tickets and just really get comfortable.

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