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Kanye West and the Art of Award Show Interruptions

In a move that shocked no one, Kanye West once again bum-rushed the stage to interrupt an acceptance speech. At last night's MTV Music Video Awards, the Late Graduator himself took to the stage to butt in on Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for winning the Best Female Video award. Upon seeing him grace the stage -- complete with his own microphone -- those in attendance let out a collective "not again" as they witnessed a grown man step all over a 19 year old girl's genuine moment of gratitude. Of course, this is not Kanye's first time interrupting an acceptance speech at an MTV event, but this is by far his most public display of his seemingly trademark pathetic, childish and diva-esque behavior. 

To his credit -- and this is probably the only thing to his credit about this whole ordeal -- Kanye wasn't stage-crashing to bitch about he was wronged. No, this time he was advocating for Beyoncé and her "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" video which was bested by Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me." What is really sad about all of this is that "Single Ladies" eventually won for Best Video of the Year, so West's little interruption was pretty much all for naught.

But who knows what goes on inside West's funny little head? He has a legacy to uphold, one that was started in 2007 at the European VMAs. After losing to Justice vs. Simian and their much superior video for "We Are Your Friends," West took to the stage and delivered a tirade about how he deserved to win. Ever the gracious loser, West explained how his video for "Touch the Sky" cost "a million dollars," which of course should guarantee him a totally arbitrary statuette for an equally arbitrary award.

It is pathetic to think that a man who has sold so many records over the years and who has millions of fans worldwide has such a juvenile fixation on winning awards for his music videos. The VMAs turned into a total popularity contest in 1998 when Madonna won Best Video for her "Ray of Light" video -- two years after Smashing Pumpkins won the same award for their stunning "Tonight, Tonight" video, a video that actually showed great camera work, art direction and some serious innovation. When the video for "Lady Marmalade" took top honors in 2001, the VMAs' credibility promptly went out the window.

Yet West still throws a hissy fit when things don't go his way. I don't foresee a day when he will stop his bullshit behavior, but then again I'm not the one winning awards over him. He will most likely continue doing what he does and the observing public will either eat it up or dislike him even more.

For the record, Kanye West's outspoken tendencies have resulted in some good, at least in my opinion, like when he went off-script during a Hurricane Katrina telethon. Someone needed to say it, and he, being no stranger to controversy, went ahead and did it. 

But you have to pick your battles, Kanye -- Taylor Swift didn't deserve to have her moment stepped all over by your pathetic lamentations. Yet, it is what it is, and all we have now is the moment which we can react to. Whether we love it or hate it, Kanye West has us all talking, yet again, about something he did.

UPDATE: It appears Kanye West has apologized, taking swift (pun intended) action for his rudeness towards at last night's VMAs. He issued an apology through his blog, in his trademark/highly annoying ALL-CAPS style. Read it for yourself HERE.

You know who interrupts people, butts in what they have to say so they can yell things, only to issue a grammatically awful apology in all capital letters? An 8 year old child. This still doesn't take away from his ruining of Swift's moment. 

ANOTHER UPDATE: It was obvious to see that West already had a mic in hand when he bum-rushed the stage, thus adding to the speculation that MTV staged the whole thing. However, West was tossed out of the VMAs once he pulled his stunt, so MTV would have also had to stage that, as well. It could be possible it was all fake, but let's not forget West's apology. I suppose we will never least not for a week or so.

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