Katy Perry Swaps Substance for Sex in "California Gurls"

Welcome to FemPop, a weekly feature that examines a current popular song and its message to women--whether that's empowering or demeaning, or both.

Oh, Katy Perry.

It's probably to be expected that the hottest woman alive, as named by Maxim magazine, would have a titillating new single, too, and the pop songstress doesn't disappoint with "California Gurls," the first single off her upcoming album, Teenage Dream, due out August 24.

In the track, Perry sings such irresistible lines as, "Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top, sun-kissed skin, so hot will melt your popsicle": and, "Sex on a beach, we get sand in our stilettos, we freak in a jeep." Whoa, there, Katy--way too much information.

Gone is the girl whose most scandalous line was "I kissed a girl"--Perry's sexuality is out in full force in this song, which is sad considering her vocal ability is enough to make her stand out--no need for smutty lyrics.

There isn't much meaningful or emotional in the song--instead, it's all about how hot Cali girls are and why they represent. Are they hot because they're intelligent? No. Are they hot because they're ambitious? No. Are they hot because they're strong-willed and independent? You guessed it--no.

They are hot because once you party with them, "you'll be falling in love." Even Snoop Dogg loves California girls! Duh!

"Toned, tan, fit and ready...kiss her, touch her, squeeze her," he croons. You mean, Snoop Double Gizzle, you don't even have to introduce yourself first, just go in for the physical?

What's even more disappointing than the superficial lyrics is the monotonous melody. It doesn't stand out from anything we've ever heard and instead sounds like a bad remix of Ke$ha's "Tik Tok". Perry's proved in the past she's a talented songwriter, but this song is like something a horny junior high school student would write.

Hopefully Miss Perry has something better up her sleeve for the rest of the album, or else she'll simply become to be known as Russell Brand's wifey.

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