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Katy Perry's Demanding, Specific Tour Rider Leaks

Six pages of Katy Perry's long list of on-the-road requirements have leaked online, and she seems to be yet another big-headed celebrity who makes herself out to be a lot more important than she actually is. 

In fact, according to her 45 page-long tour rider, if you accidentally mix in some carnations with the rest of the flowers in her dressing room, you're fired. Katy Perry hates that shit; how didn't you know that?!

It's a mystery how Katy could demand such large quantities of food in her dressing room and still look like her waist is small enough to fit into kids' size jeans (except her ass wouldn't also fit in them). Among the list of foods she seemingly can't live without before she goes on stage are a bowl of whole fresh organic fruit, dried and unsweetened apples or pears, freeze dried strawberries, chips and salsa, Newman's Own high protein pretzels as well as Snyder's of Hanover honey mustard and onion pretzels, two bottles of pinot grigio, a six pack of Sprite or Fresca, six each of assorted flavors of Fuze Slenderize and Vitamin Water, and more. First of all, if she has that much to drink she'll practically have to pee on stage. Secondly, Katy is not an astronaut, so she should have no dire need for freeze-dried strawberries, dammit.

Additionally, there is a whole page of rules for whoever is hired to drive Katy Perry anywhere. The driver must keep the window halfway down during every pick up and drop off. Furthermore, the driver cannot open doors, look at her in the back seat in the rear view mirror, or use any lane other than the carpool lane while on the highway. And if the driver is ever in doubt about anything, he must always ask and never assume.

The part of the tour rider that's particularly disgusting is the segment that states that Katy's personal manager is supposed to use secondary market ticket retailers, like StubHub, to resell any tickets given to him/her by the promoter and keep the profit for Katy's company, Kitty Purry Inc. Isn't she making enough money already? Katy Perry's lovable attitude had me fooled until now. I can't believe she would approve something like that. That's not ladylike behavior, Katy.

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