KDKB Alum Dennis McBroom Remembers When Radio Still Had Tubes and The Tubes Had Radio Airplay

This weekend, 93.3 KDKB, the "Sixth Longest-Running FM Rock Station in Nation," enters into its fourth decade of existence with a Saturday, August 13 celebratory performance by The Tubes at Foundry on First, one of the countless bands that got its first big radio boost on the heritage rock station (as we profiled in this week's music feature).

The show also doubles as a KDKB Alumni Reunion weekend, where many of the veteran jocks and on-air personalities are brought back to reminisce with the fans, something hard to imagine happening with post-millennium radio. Among those present will be Dennis McBroom, a 42-year on-air personality who has clocked over 20 years in three different stints at KDKB and still does traffic there with Sludge every morning.

We asked him about the halcyon days of freeform radio, when deejays were actually instructed to pick their own music and eclectic bands like The Tubes could cut across all formats and win airplay at the whim of a jock.

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Serene Dominic
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