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Ke$ha Claims To Not Use Autotune, Might Actually Be Deaf

​I did not wake up this morning feeling like P. Diddy. No sir -- but then I saw this video of Ke$ha (pronounced "Kay dollar sign ha") claiming that she doesn't use autotune, and I totally felt like P. Diddy. I am convinced that this Ke$ha person is now just fucking with us. Not only has her music permeated popular culture in the most unspectacular way, but she's a bit too self-serving and has zero humility for someone with such a limited range of talent, unless you count dressing up like a glittery transient as a talent.

Tolerating your shitty music is one thing, Ke$ha, but why must you conduct yourself like a total doofus in interviews and other appearances? Do you honestly want no one to like you? 

The fine folks at SoManyMP3s have taken the offending video of Ke$ha claiming that she doesn't use autotune and put it up against some of the singer's most egregious autotune-related offenses:The worst part of that video is that she's dead serious. This Ke$ha just won't go away. I've tried to figure her out in the past, but with this most recent bullshit, I give up -- it's a losing fight. I promise to you that I will no longer cover anything Ke$ha related. I like taking a crap on her, but now it just feels so empty -- so pointless, especially given her awful music and cocky demeanor. 

I will, however, pose you this question: What the hell is she talking about? Does she honestly believe she doesn't use autotune in her music? Is she just being meticulous and saying that she personally doesn't use autotune but her producer does? Has she even heard her own music? Or is Ke$ha just dumb as shit?

One particular Buzzfeed commenter summed this whole ordeal up best:

what a dumb bitch.

Truer words have never been spoken.
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