Ke$ha: "Give Haters the Finger and Do Whatever You Want to Do"

Glitter-trash Princess Ke$ha will break in the newly christened Ak-Chin Pavilion tonight with rapper Pitbull. The pairing of Mr. 305 and MTV's latest reality star may seem unlikely, but according to Ke$ha, the two just want to bring a party and make you dance.

She isn't your typical cookie-cutter pop star, either; her video for the first single from her latest release, "Die Young," features Pentagrams and what appears to be a virgin sacrifice. She goes hard, and if you get her drunk enough, she might pee on you. We talked to Ke$ha ahead of tonight's show.

Up on the Sun: After the massive success of your debut, Animal, were you ever concerned about a sophomore slump?

Ke$ha: No. Honestly, everyone kept asking me that, and I wasn't really concerned with what the critics were going to say. I don't really make music for the critics; I make music for my fans and for myself, so I just wanted to make a record I that I was proud of and that my fans could connect to. The main goal with my music is to tell my stories and to make people happy.

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Jim Louvau
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