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Kevin Pate Memorials Set for This Week in Phoenix and Tucson

Guitarists and singers get more than all their share of worship. People even give the drummer some from time to time--if they're generous they'll even let him solo interminably. But for whatever reasons no one ever coined the phrase "bass hero," a handle that suited Arizona bassist Kevin Lee Pate. A month ago on March 15, when he died of cirrhosis of the liver in a Yuma prison, no one was prepared to say goodbye to Kevin Pate, especially not in a manner that most suited him.

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Kevin was never one for histrionics. I once saw his amp head blow up into a fireball behind him at a gig. With the calm of a yogi he turned around and asked, "Does anyone have a towel or something?" He'd probably be equally nonplussed--but still appreciative--of the dual Kevin Pate Memorials planned for him in Tucson and Phoenix this weekend.

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Serene Dominic
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