Club Candids

Kickin´ It Off the Court

This week, Club Candids decided to skip the weekend debauchery because we had the opportunity to hang with some Phoenix Suns on Wednesday, March 21, at Axis/Radius in Scottsdale, where everyone was celebrating Raja Bell's new reality TV show, Beyond the Court.

Before we even had our camera ready, we spotted Leandro Barbosa looking adorable at the bar, relaxing with his friend and personal chef. Not only was he super nice, but foreign and sexy, too, making all the girls gasp when he busted out in Portuguese while talking to his pal. As the night progressed, the bar filled up with loads of hot chicks waiting their turn to get photos with the players. Shawn Marion and Boris Diaw eventually showed, but with so many digital cameras flashing, the poor dudes could hardly order a drink without being bothered. At long last, Bell arrived, posed for a couple of shots in the V.I.P. room and then mysteriously disappeared. The night went on with more mingling and photo ops, and although the club never was completely packed, everyone there was feeling the collective buzz of being starstruck.

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Lilia Menconi
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