Kimber Lanning Says She'd 'Bet Her Life' on Central Corridor Booming

It's finals week at Arizona State University, which means The State Press, the school's student newspaper, is printing articles that appear to be term papers. Like, for example, this monster 1,800-word profile of Stinkweeds Records owner, former Modified owner, and all-around Phoenix indie booster/mascot Kimber Lanning.

The piece is really, really long (tip for ASU journalism students: You probably shouldn't try writing anything over 1,000 words until you're a year or so into your career) but there are some real gems in the piece. Like this quote about how well her record store is doing during The Great Recession:

Lanning said that although the Central corridor where her shop is located is down three percent in sales tax revenue from last year, her business is actually up during the recession.

"I'm three percent up over last year," she said.

Lanning also said she sees the area around her shop really growing and expanding in the next five years.

"It's definitely going to boom," Lanning said. "I'll bet my life on it."

You read that right: Lanning says she'd bet her life on the success Central Corridor. That's a bold statement if I've ever heard one.

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