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Kinch, Marianne Dissard, Gospel Claws and Mega Ran are the Only Arizona Artists Confirmed for SxSW So Far

As of right now, Arizona only has four acts confirmed for showcases at the king-making SXSW music conference and festival.

That number could go up -- organizers say they're still adding acts and will up until mid-March, when the amps click on in Austin -- but so far Marianne Dissard of Tucson, Gospel Claws of Tempe and Kinch and Mega Ran and Phoenix are our only local bands.

Contrast that with last year, when the Phoenix area alone sent six (if you count Miniature Tigers) and 2009 when Arizona had it's own dayparty, "I Heart AZ," to accommodate all the showcasing acts.

Still, we've got some good ones this year. As you would expect, New Times has run long feature stories on all four acts confirmed so far (it's kinda what we do) so check those out below, and if you're in a band that gets picked to showcase, or are just driving out to play a dayparty and hang out with your homies, let us


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