Kinch, River Jones, Joe Strummer, Barrett-Jackson, and the Stray Cat Over the Weekend

Kinch at Rogue Bar Last Night The Rock 'N' Roll Arizona Marathon was this morning -- thousands of runners, both locals and tourists, jogged 26 miles of Valley streets on a warm January day. The race wasn't the weekend's only impressive show of endurance along Scottsdale Road, though. Kinch's second week of residency at Rogue Bar also seems to qualify...full story

River Jones & Friends Music Festival at The Paisley Violin Last Night The first images that came to mind when I heard about a folk festival at The Paisley Violin? Tie-dyed college kids screeching out against the Vietnam War over a haze of sweet smoke. That wasn't exactly the scene at the River Jones Music & Friends Festival. Influenced by the folk legends of the 60s, however, the artists playing the first annual swapped protest songs for tales of love, death and longing for a home...full story

Joe Strummer Benefit at George & Dragon Phoenix's punk community might not be the biggest or brightest music scene in the Valley, but, damn, it most definitely knows how to throw one hell of a wild wingding. For instance, the annual Joe Strummer Benefit that took place last night. Beers were tossed, punches were thrown, funds were raised, and ears were melted in an all-out punk rock throwdown that went down at the George & Dragon in downtown Phoenix...full story

See: the Joe Strummer Benefit in photos.

Barrett-Jackson Kick Off Event Those who couldn't wait for the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction gathered at the Scottsdale Pavilions on Saturday. The plethora of muscle cars and hot rods served as a more than ample appetizer for car fanatics and owners alike...see photos

Friday Night at Stray Cat Bar & Grill Tempe's Stray Cat Bar & Grill was anything but abandoned on Friday night. The evening featured live music and live art...see photos

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Jonathan McNamara