Kinchmas, Eastside Records, and Spice Over the Holiday Weekend

Eastside Records Christmas Eve Eve Memorial Legendary local store Eastside Records is scheduled to close at the end of the month after more than 23 years, but not before going out in style with a massive memorial party that took place on Thursday, December 23. The refreshments consisted of cheese puffs and cheap beer, while the soundtrack consisted of plenty of punk and garage rock...see photos

Kinchmas: Kinch and Ladylike in Photos It sure as hell didn't feel like Christmas to me until Thursday night. Yes, I dealt with the crowds ransacking Target for stocking-stuffers. I even heard myself spout of the obligatory comment about how a small, college-era stint in retail killed most holiday music for me. But it took the Christmas miracle of Kinch hitting the stage at Rhythm Room wearing Santa hats and beards that looked to be assembled from printer paper and cotton balls that finally made it all sink in...see photos

Naughty & Spice Party at Afterlife As of December 24, five chemical compounds used in smoking blends known as "spice" are federally banned. So of course, somebody had to throw one last spice party in the Valley. The night before Christmas Eve day, that's exactly what a Scottsdale club called Afterlife did, hosting a smoky fete dubbed the "Naughty & Spice" party...full story

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Jonathan McNamara