Kinchmas: Local Bands Go A'Caroling

Kinchmas: Local Bands Go A'Caroling

There are sure to be a dozen or so shows holiday-themed shows featuring local bands announced in the coming week or so, but I've got to think Kinch will have pretty much everyone beat. The Phoenix indie rock foursome has a pretty cool shindig lined up for December 22 at Rhythm Room.

Dear and the Headlights, who took the band out on a national tour this fall is scheduled to play along with Black Carl, What Laura Says and Rajiv Patel. In a year where a growing number of nearly indistinguishable local "festivals" seemed to have a rotating cast of a dozen bands, I'm happy to hear this show will be a little different. Says Kinch guitarist Brian Coughlin:

"The idea was to make it feel a little bit more like a party and less like a traditional concert. So, there's going to be very little downtime between bands, the bands are going to play slightly shorter sets heavy on christmas songs, but also some originals and there's going to be a lot of collaboration between the bands. The bands will also be playing some songs with friends, family and other local musicians. There will be a Christmas tree and decorations and we're taking applications for a Santa. We love Christmas parties and just wanted to throw a good one. In light of that, we don't want to profit off a party, so whatever money we make will be donated to one or two local charities that help the homeless"

Tickets are $10 and availible here.


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