Kings of Leon have been treading some rough waters over the last few weeks. First they had to cut their show short in Dallas on July 29 due to frontman Caleb Followill needing to go backstage, puke and drink some more. Then the band canceled the rest of their US tour due to Caleb having strained vocal chords and having heat exhaustion. Plus some members are having other problems, as the band admitted. Jared Followill tweeted about "internal sicknesses and problems that have needed to be addressed." After that, speculation about Caleb having a drinking problem began.

Kings of Leon Shoot Down Reports of Letting Caleb Go

What sucks even more is that Star Magazine has been starting rumors about the band kicking Caleb to the curb.

Star reported that Jared and Matthew Followill had "started to resent Caleb's antics as he was late to rehearsals, neglectful of band meeting and displaying diva traits." Furthermore, Star reported "Jared and Matthew will take over lead vocals." Yeah right.

Get it together, Kings of Leon! And stop this nonsense, Star! This is ridiculous, and drummer Nathan Followill thinks so too.

Nathan tweeted, "BREAKING NEWS: Kings of Leon has kicked Caleb out and Jared and Matt will be taking over lead vocals. Where do people come up with this shit? Hilarious."

You tell 'em, Nathan. Either way, it's time for KOL to pull themselves together and do whatever they need to do to get Caleb back to reality. Is America on the verge of witnessing the fall of one of the country's most popular rock bands?

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