Knockouts and Rock-outs: The Misfits, Kelly Clarkson, Silverchair, and more

By Niki D’Andrea

The November 15 music section of Phoenix New Times features a first-person narrative about horror-punk legends The Misfits, penned by Brian Barr, music editor at Seattle Weekly, one of our sister publications. Not only does the story provide a plug for The Misfits’ upcoming show at Venue of Scottsdale on November 17 (a killer double-bill that also features surf punks Agent Orange), but it gives us another excuse to re-post the footage of North Side Kings singer Danny Marianino knocking out Glenn Danzig a couple years ago. Danzig hasn’t been the singer for The Misfits since 1983 (bassist Jerry Only now handles vocal duties), and maybe Danzig’s attitude is one of the reasons for that.

To give some background on the clip below (for those who didn't hear us go on about it before), Phoenix hardcore band North Side Kings was supposed to open for Danzig at a show in Tuba City. According to Marianino, the band drove three hours to play the gig, only to have Glenn Danzig decide he wanted to go on earlier, thus cutting out the opening act. The clip below captures the moment when Marianino confronted Danzig about the shaft.

Off the slap-happy tip, this week’s “Shrapnel” page includes a humorous, futuristic review of a Kelly Clarkson show (from the year 2025) and Silverchair bassist Chris Joannou’s recommendations of the hottest Australian bands currently rocking down under.

Also in the 11-15 issue: Reviews of the new Ween, Jimmy Eat World, and Wiley One albums Previews of Queen Latifah, Little Brother, and Herbie Hancock’s Valley appearances this week.

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