Korn at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, 10/27/12

Korn @ Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum | 10/27/12

The Arizona State Fair got its yearly dose of metal when Korn paid a visit to the valley last night at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The nu metal pioneers treated fans of all ages to a career-spanning set consisting of hits, covers, and staples. The band hit the stage right at 7 p.m. (there were no opening acts) and wasted little time digging deep into its back catalog with "Divine" and "Predictable" from its 1994 self titled record.

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It was just last month that Jonathan Davis canceled his DJ appearances on the Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie "Twins of Evil" tour due to exhaustion, but the slimmed-down lead singer looked healthy as he thrashed around the stage during "No Place To Hide" and "Good God." Songs from their dub step-inspired The Path of Totality release followed, leading off with "Narcissistic Cannibal." The band has received some unfair backlash working with EDM artists like Skrillex, Noisia, and Excision on the record and replacing most of the traditional guitars with synths.

What was interesting about the five tracks they played from the record though was how much of it was actually played live. Drummer Ray Luzier is an absolute beast behind the drum kit and there wasn't a beat from the six songs off of the record that he didn't play and for the most part, touring keyboard player/backup singer Zac Baird played the electronic parts live as well. The problem is that the material itself isn't very good outside of "Get Up," and cramming that many songs that sounded similar made that part of the show suffer.

The band quickly recovered and dove into the hits with "Here To Stay", "Freak On a Leash", "Falling away from Me", and their monster versions of all three parts of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" where the crowd helped Davis sing the choruses. The band left the stage and Davis returned with his bag pipes to start "Shoots and Ladders" and the crowd erupted as they ended the the outro of the song with Metallica's "One".

Davis also spoke about his admiration of our military and how he's been traveling the world in support of the Wounded Warriors Project. "I saw a guy with his dick blown off," Davis said. He looked down a the crowd and said "He gave up his dick for you so you could hold up your cell phone and take a picture of me." He then thanked fans saying, "If it wasn't for y'all we would have never got the life," before transitioning into "Got the Life." The seventeen-song set ended with the fan favorite, "Blind." One thing that the band has proven over the years is that they're consistent and are here to stay. Much of that is due their live show.

Critics Notebook:

Personal Bias: I've never bought a Korn record, but have seen them more than ten times.

Overheard: Nine year old girl say "Oh my God I'm just so pumped up I could punch somebody" as she exited the show.

The Crowd: Mostly metalhead's and families (lots of children)


"Divine" "Predictable" "No Place to Hide" "Good God" "Narcissistic Cannibal" "Kill Mercy Within" "Chaos Lives in Everything" "My Wall" "Get Up" "Way to Far" "Here to Stay" "Freak on a Leash" "Falling Away from Me" "Another Brick in the Wall (Parts 1-3)"

Encore: "Shoots and Ladders/One" "Got the Life" "Blind"

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