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Kottonmouth Kings

Hip-hop punk rockers Kottonmouth Kings, fresh from their performance at this year's Edgefest, return to the Valley with a show that is sure to be a frightful event. The band's new The Green Album will no doubt fill out the night's set list of bizarre theatrics and stoner antics, a mixture that got them named High Times' 2006 band of the year. Lyricists D-Loc, Daddy X, and Johnny Richter, with the rest of the group, are sure to pull out all the stops to entertain the fervent Halloween crowd. The group has spent 12 years "reeking" havoc on the charts and with its energetic live shows (yes, the pun is intended and was provided by the group's Web site). A typical Kottonmouth Kings show reveals an assortment of off-the-wall theatrics, usually kicking things off with Pakelika, responsible for the group's "hydro-mechanix" and nothing else, taking the stage and smoking a large amount of weed, an attitude the group has carried with it throughout its long career. Supporting the Kottonmouth Kings will be a few groups from their cadre of like-minded rappers: (hed) pe, Subnoize Souljaz, and Short Dawg.
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Michael Lopez