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Kottonmouth Kings

Sometimes, the world just has a way of working out. Like how this year, April 20 happened to fall on a Tuesday — the day new albums are released — enabling Kottonmouth Kings to debut their latest full-length, Long Live the Kings, on 4/20. It's only fitting for a group whose previous records include Royal Highness, High Society, Rollin' Stoned, and Fire It Up. (To say nothing of their four-volume Hidden Stash series.) But these Orange County dudes aren't only about bong-fueled party anthems — just check out their most famous tune, "Suburban Life," from the Scream 2 soundtrack in 1997: "The American dream was a pack of lies," they sorrowfully declare. Deep stuff. Sure, a verse later, they proclaim, "There's not enough bud for the Kottonmouth Krew," but to thine own smoked-out self be true. They'll be appearing in Tempe along with Suburban Noize homeboys Hed PE and Big B, plus hometown rapper Intrinzik. The event is billed as a "4:20 Celebration," even though it's happening three days after the annual weed holiday (insert your own potheads-are-frequently-late-and/or-lazy joke here). They're also intensely loyal, accounting for the sizable cult fan base that has followed the Kings for more than a decade (and is willing to celebrate 4/20 any day of the year).
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