Poor Kreayshawn doesn't realize just how phallic that Popsicle looks.
Poor Kreayshawn doesn't realize just how phallic that Popsicle looks.

Kreayshawn to Perform Free Show for College Students Saturday

​In college, everything is better if it's free. And no matter how many times Mastercard convinces you that the slice of pizza and Frisbee offered at their just-off-campus booth are free, they're not. 

Kreayshawn, on the other hand, is all about free. As part of the Textbooks and Tickets Tour, which also features artists like T. Pain, Theophilus London, The Cool Kids, and Milkmen in other college towns around the country, textbook rental company Chegg is bringing the White Girl Mob rapper to Tempe's Marquee Theatre November 19

This one is exclusive to college students, so make sure to bring your college ID. There's also nothing to stop a graduate or dropout with a college ID from coming to the show, either. We're not saying you should do that. We're just saying you could do that and they wouldn't know the difference. It's the same little white lie that has saved you $2 on movie tickets the past three years. 

To RSVP, click here. You'll have to create a Chegg account and print your ticket. Admission is first come, first served and you must be 18 or older. 

In the mean time, here's a song you won't be able to get out of your head. 

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