KWSS 106.7 Back on Air, Hosts Party at 910 Live This Saturday

Last Thursday, KWSS station manager Frank Magarelli informed us that the station would be back on the FM dial within "five to eight days."

Apparently Magarelli is a big fan of "under promise, over deliver," because the station was back on the air by Friday afternoon.

The Morning Infidelity Top 5 Fest concert, originally planned as something of a benefit to get the station back on the radio-waves proper, is still scheduled to go down on Saturday, July 30 at 910 Live in Tempe.

TMI personality Beef Vegan says a petition will circulate at the concert, and that attendees can sign in order to have a document on record that illustrates how "the station as a whole services the community."

The bands playing, Mondegreen, The Love Me Nots, Peachcake, Black Bottom Lighters, Jed's a Millionaire, The Broken Rhodes, Kongos, Banana Gun, Fresh Pro Deuce, and Born Losers and the Hangers On, have all been featured in the TMI Top Five morning countdown, which only features groups from Arizona.

"We're going to have two stages going," says Vegan. "It's going to be a good time."

The Black Bottom Lighters

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