KWSS Plans All Local Music Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is shaping up to be a good one for local music. KWSS 106.7 announced plans to today to play nothing but local music starting Friday at midnight, and continuing on till Monday, when the TMI Morning Show's Beef Vegan, Shorty, and Buddah will count down their 20 favorite local songs of 2011.

Specialty shows will retain their distinct formats over the weekend, but the rest of the time, KWSS will spinning all local music, focusing on current Phoenix Metro artists, says program director Frank Magarelli.

"We want to focus on bands you can go see any night of the week," Beef Vegan adds.

Magarelli states the station's local catalog contains a little over 500 songs -- so expect to hear plenty of repeats over the course of the week.

"You'll hear your favorite local band," Magarelli says. "Probably more than once."

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