​Since spiraling into the seemingly imminent demise of all Valley radio stations into a "classic" rock format, X103.9's trademark shows have had the choice to go extinct or find a new way to get the alt out. 

KWSS' The Morning Infidelity Expands to Afternoon Show on Skapunkradio.com

Former X103.9 DJ Craven Moorehead, who hosted the popular Ska Punk Show for nearly 15 years, didn't want to give up when the radio station succumbed to the raw power of "Gen X" favorites. Instead, he took his radio show online to Skapunkradio.com, which launched in mid January. 

As 103.9 switched formats, it left Valley rock fans wondering what alternative station would take its place. The obvious choice was KWSS 106.7, the not-for-profit radio station with a miniscule range. While they may or may not reign supreme in the fight to win the hearts of Valley radio listeners, 106.7 is doing their part to reach over radio lines. 

Featuring the lovable curmudgeon DJ Beef Vegan, KWSS' The Morning Infidelity (and the occasional snippet of our own Jason Woodbury's weekly call-in to the show) will now be broadcast on skapunkradio.com every week day from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The Skapunkradio.com TMI broadcast is in addition to their normal 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. spot on KWSS. On the website, DJs Beef Vegan, Shorty and Buddha will focus on local tracks and feature clips from that morning. They're also embracing the opportunity to dodge the FCC, featuring "unedited content too wild for radio," Vegan says in an email. Eventually, the group plans to implement a 4:20 segment and ticket giveaways. 

"We are very excited to expand our brand in the hopes of spreading awareness of our show, our passion, and our friends that make up our music community," Vegan says. "We will continue to broadcast live on the FM dial and are appreciative of our station's manager, Frank [Magarelli,] for his support and Craven, for believing in our show enough to introduce us to his very passionate and loyal fans."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.