Lady Gaga, After Parties, Little Monsters, Local Motors, and Landmine Marathon Over the Weekend

Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour at US Airways Center on 7/31/2010 There's no doubt that Lady Gaga's sold-out Phoenix show was the most hotly- anticipated concert on a lackluster summer schedule that's been hard hit by the Great Recession and the Soundstrike. Actually, tickets to The Monster Ball Tour sold out months ago (sell-outs are usually a last-minute thing in Phoenix) no doubt helped by glowing reviews from other cities and big buzz emitting from what seems like every medium of mass and interpersonal communication...full story

See: Lady Gaga's Monster Ball in photos

Lady Gaga Monster Ball After Party at Crotch Rockitt ​Hell yes the Lady Gaga show was crazy, but the after party at Crotch Rockitt with guest DJs Lady Starlight and Semi Precious Weapons was Monster Balls-to-the-walls. Peep the slideshow to see drinking, dancing, debauchery and outrageous club fashion at its Phoenix finest...see photos

What Lady Gaga Fans Wore to the Monster Ball Forget about Dead Heads and Juggalos; the craziest, most outrageously dedicated fanboys and fangirls in the world right now are Lady Gaga's Little Monsters. Some fans waited in line outside (and then eventually inside) at the US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix for well over 30 hours just to fight for the front row. Waiting to enter the arena with these Little Monsters on Saturday was infinitely more interesting thanks to their over-the-top, Gaga-inspired ensembles. Check out our fan fashion photos (shot impromptu with an iPhone 4 camera) of the best dressed creatures at the Monster Ball...see photos

Local Motors Unveils Rally Fighter Valley newcomers Local Motors invited the public down to their factory to unveil its first car design to make the transition from design to physical, breath-taking reality. Check out the Rally Fighter in the slide show. Attendees also got to check out a car show full of, you know, normal cars...see photos

Landmine Marathon at Yucca Tap Room on 7/31/2010 Fresh off a month-long U.S. tour, Landmine Marathon looked anything but tired last night at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe. In their first ever gig at the Yucca, the band tore through a brief-yet-ferocious set that spanned all three of their albums and left the crowd hungry for more...full story

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Jonathan McNamara