Lady Gaga, Alice Cooper, Guy Fieri and Santarchy Over the Weekend

Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding Friday night was the ninth installment of Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding, though speaking in Christmas/culinary terms, it was really more of a fruitcake, with ingredients both numerous and diverse mingling to create a final product I would definitely try to re-gift. The differences between the acts on stage varied wildly, from a magician to acoustic rock to Lita Ford and Dee Snider to a guy from American Idol...full story
See: Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding In Photos

Santarchy Invades Scottsdale How many Santas can you fit into a bar? The answer is way more than you'd think. Once again the folks at AZ Cacophany organized a party crowd of hundreds wearing Santa outfits to spread joy and drink their way through Scottsdale...see photos

Food Network Star Guy Fieri Heats up Mesa Arts Center This past Friday evening, hundreds of Food Network fans crammed into the Mesa Arts Center for an evening of fast paced, rockin' fun at the Guy Fieri Road Show. This was the show's second to last performance on the 24-city tour (the last being Vegas, baby), so Guy pulled out all of the stops...full story

Lady GaGa Takes Over Las Vegas It was totally fitting to see Lady Gaga in Sin City this past weekend--the girl's familiar with bad behavior, as she often opts to appear pantless and slings sex like it's her job...full story

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Jonathan McNamara