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Lady Gaga's "Telephone" Video Disappointing 'Fame Monster' Follow-Up

There's no denying Lady Gaga's a pro when it comes to crafting a unique visual style to go along with her catchy pop music. Her new video with Beyoncé, for "Telephone," is no exception--it sure is unique. But it also doesn't make a whole lot of sense and contains a shot of a dead dog--not cool. The clip is a huge disappointment as a follow-up to the utterly amazing "Bad Romance," and this super-fan of Lady Gaga is very sad.

There are definitely some amazing things in it, don't get me wrong. The choreography is infectious, the fashion is to-die-for (literally) and there are super-cool special effects we haven't seen used by too many pop stars today.

The video is presented cinematically, clocking in at nearly 10 minutes and containing a credits reel and lots of dialogue in-between the singing. That's a shame, since the song is so fun and upbeat and catchy on its own, and the weird plot line takes away from the great music.

The clip starts out with Gaga dressed in her own cool prison outfit, which is quickly stripped off her before she's thrown nearly-naked on the bed (and no, the prison guards say, she does not have a dick.)

For someone who conveys intelligent thought through humanitarian work and hit-making songwriting, Gaga sure does rely heavily on sex to sell her music, and that's sad. While she tells her fans to be themselves and shun conformity, she goes the classic pop star route by derobing whenever she gets the chance.

Another irksome thing in the video is the abundant amount of product placement. It's not clear whether Gaga's trying to poke fun at using videos as advertisements or whether she's just trying to make some more money, but either way, she's sort of a sell-out. Really?

The whole "Let's make a sandwich" thing is also unnecessary and confusing. Yes, she's making poisonous meals for the people at the diner, but the whole QVC-esque presentation is annoying.

I'm no video director, but there are so many other potential ways Gaga could have presented the song in a classier and cooler form, using the same special effects that are in this one but staying truer to the song's lyrics. She was going for a Kill Bill-style vid, but the storyline wasn't as captivating, and the imagery wasn't as cool.

It's still wonderful that Gaga is coming to Phoenix July 31, but here's hoping she remains more true to her be-yourself message and doesn't just try to rip off Madonna or Quentin Tarantino.

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Nicki Escudero
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